presets for lightroom mobile and desktop

Presets are awesome! They give you a one-click way of getting great looks. I’m selling a few of my own custom presets below for an affordable price. Installation instructions are at the bottom of the page.

The Lightroom Mobile app is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Lightroom Classic is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.


faded black & White Portrait

This preset is MOODY. Apply to any portrait and watch it glow. Works great with slightly darker and underexposed portraits, but it still sings with any other photo – you just might need to pull down the exposure and highlights.

Take your portraits to the next level with this gorgeous black and white preset.

Buy now – $2.99CAD

sunset & Landscape enhancer

This preset will make your landscape and sunset photos totally pop! It brings back details in highlights and pumps up the visibility of details. It works wonders on just about any landscape photo!

The saturation and vibrance are kept under control so you don’t get some cross over-processed results. Sharpness is boosted a bit for good measure.

Buy Now – $2.99CAD


cute kid enhancer

Take your kid photos to the next level with great skin tones and a warm and bright feel. 

In the example photo, you can see my daughter Sophie shine with softer shadows and lots of detail.

Buy now – $2.99CAD

how to install lightroom mobile presets

Once you download one of my presets, you’ll get two files – a DNG file and an XMP file. The DNG file is for Lightroom Mobile. Other XMP is for desktop versions of Lightroom.

To add the preset to Lightroom Mobile, follow the video to the right and the steps below:

  • Add the DNG file to your camera roll.
  • Import it into your Lightroom Mobile library.
  • Open it, then choose Presets.
  • Tap the three dots at the top and Create Preset. Give it a name.
  • You’re now ready to use it on your photos! Load up a photo, go to Presets and choose your newly created custom preset.